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Waterproof Working Gloves Manufacturer

Amsafe has great experience in manufacturing waterproof working gloves for excellent hand protection over 20 years.

We manufacture supplies that undergo rigorous testing, as we are a factory verified by SATAX, ISO, and BSCI.

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  • Offer final free 3rd QC test report

Amsafe Waterproof Working Gloves

Our waterproof working gloves are meticulously designed to offer complete wrist-to-fingertip protection. Crafted from cut-resistant materials such as imported latex raw materials and polyester, they provide both comfort and durability.

These gloves are essential for safeguarding against extreme temperature exposure and are widely used in tasks involving glass, metals, chemicals, and more. Amsafe guarantees superior performance and an extended lifespan for our waterproof working gloves.

As a verified factory, we assure you that our products surpass expectations, featuring top-notch materials, designs, and features. Reach out to Amsafe with your inquiries today!

1.cut resistant waterproof working gloves

Designed to enhance safety and comfort, these gloves are ideal for use in the kitchen.

2.full finger waterproof working gloves

Perfect for the chemical industry, mechanical maintenance, automotive, renovation, and car washing. They offer extended protection and an excellent wet grip.

3.heavy duty waterproof working gloves

Crafted from heavy-duty and water-resistant leather, these gloves are designed for demanding outdoor tasks.

4.lightweight waterproof working gloves

Despite their lightweight design, these gloves provide insulation and durability, making them versatile for handling objects, driving, and using handheld devices.

5.palm coated waterproof working gloves

Featuring a waterproof liner and optimal insulation, these gloves are highly visible and suitable for iron and steel work, warehousing, and road construction.

6.waterproof foam working gloves

Made of foam for breathability and water absorption, these gloves offer high elasticity, oil resistance, and anti-skid properties.

7.waterproof fully coated working gloves

Dual-layer construction provides warmth and waterproof protection in cold temperatures, with a latex coating for abrasion resistance and enhanced grip.

Waterproof Rubber Coated Working Gloves

These gloves prevent oil, water, and grease from reaching your hands, offering high-level protection for workers handling hazardous substances.

9.winter waterpoof working gloves

Designed for winter conditions, these gloves remain flexible in extremely cold weather and offer an excellent grip on various materials.

100% Waterproof è Windproof

Our waterproof working gloves are designed to provide exceptional grip in wet and oily environments while keeping your hands dry and protected. They come in various colors and are entirely waterproof and windproof.

Benefits of Waterproof Working Gloves:

  • Isolamentu efficace
  • Multiusu
  • Cunfortu è comodità
  • Resistente à l'acqua
  • Enhanced balance performance
  • Protection against harm
  • mira
100% Waterproof è Windproof
Comfortable and Long-lasting

Comfortable and Long-lasting

Amsafe is a trusted waterproof working glove manufacturer with years of research and development expertise in the field. We are dedicated to creating high-quality gloves that are not only comfortable but also built to last, meeting our clients’ exacting requirements.

Our waterproof working gloves effectively resist cold air and water penetration, making them ideal for low temperatures, moist environments, outdoor use, and cold storage. Suitable for various outdoor tasks in wet conditions, including gardening, farming, landscaping, weeding, fishing, handling, farming, repairing, DIY, and home improvement in all weather conditions.

Which waterproof gloves are best?

The selection of the finest waterproof gloves is contingent upon individual requirements. Renowned brands such as Gore-Tex, Sealskinz, and Showa offer superlative waterproof gloves tailored for diverse activities including outdoor work, sports, and more.

What is the best winter work gloves that are waterproof?

Prominent choices for winter work gloves that exhibit waterproof attributes can be found among esteemed brands like Carhartt, Kinco, and Mechanix. Seek gloves engineered to furnish both warmth and imperviousness to water.

Is there such thing as a waterproof glove?

Yes, waterproof gloves do exist. These gloves are meticulously crafted to impede the ingress of water, rendering them highly suitable for a myriad of damp conditions.

Are waterproof gloves really waterproof?

Waterproof gloves are designed to avert water infiltration and maintain dryness in one’s hands; nonetheless, their efficacy can fluctuate. Premium waterproof gloves, particularly those incorporating advanced technologies like Gore-Tex, generally deliver unwavering waterproofing performance.

What gloves prevent sweating?

Breathable gloves fashioned from materials such as neoprene, mesh, or those equipped with moisture-wicking properties can help mitigate sweating by facilitating the escape of moisture.

What is the difference between waterproof and water repellent gloves?

The disparity between waterproof and water repellent gloves lies in their respective capabilities. Waterproof gloves are engineered to completely repel water, whereas water repellent gloves possess a limited capacity to resist water, albeit potentially lacking comprehensive protection against prolonged exposure.

Which is better neoprene or nitrile gloves?

Neoprene gloves generally excel in terms of water resistance and insulation, rendering them highly suitable for damp conditions. On the other hand, nitrile gloves, while boasting commendable chemical resistance, may not be as proficient in providing waterproof capabilities.

Are nitrile gloves water proof?

Nitrile gloves do not inherently possess waterproof properties. While they do exhibit a certain degree of resistance to liquids, prolonged exposure to water may prove unsuitable.

What are PVC gloves best for?

PVC gloves are particularly renowned for their chemical resistance, making them highly valued in a plethora of industries, ranging from manufacturing to cleaning and laboratory work. However, they may not be the optimal choice when it comes to achieving effective waterproofing.

What are the benefits of waterproof gloves?

Waterproof gloves offer a multitude of benefits, including shielding against moisture, ensuring dryness and comfort for your hands even in inclement weather. They prove indispensable for outdoor pursuits, occupational engagements, and sporting activities conducted in rainy or wet environments.

How often do you need to waterproof gloves?

The frequency of waterproofing gloves hinges upon their usage and quality. Certain gloves may necessitate re-waterproofing after a determined number of uses or when a decline in their waterproofing efficacy becomes apparent.

What is the best product to waterproof leather gloves?

Numerous leather waterproofing products are available, ranging from wax-based to silicone-based formulas. It is imperative to select a product tailored to the specific type of leather featured in your gloves and meticulously adhere to the application guidelines stipulated by the manufacturer.

Can the waterproof working gloves be used for diving or underwater activities?

Waterproof working gloves are not suitable for diving or underwater activities as they are not designed to withstand the pressure and temperature changes that occur in underwater environments. For these activities, specialized diving gloves or waterproof sports gloves should be used.

What is the difference between cut resistant and heavy-duty waterproof working gloves?

Cut resistant waterproof working gloves employ advanced waterproof membrane technology while providing varying levels of cut resistance. Heavy-duty waterproof working gloves, on the other hand, are made of heavy-duty and water-resistant leather for heavy work.

Are there any specific care instructions for maintaining the durability of the gloves?

To maintain the durability of waterproof working gloves, it is important to follow proper hand glove maintenance guidelines, such as washing with mild soap and water, avoiding exposure to sunlight and extreme temperatures, and storing them in a dry and cool place.

Can the gloves be customized with company logos or personal designs?

Amsafe offers customized designs and branding options for their waterproof working gloves. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality gloves, Amsafe is dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of their clients.

Is there a size guide available to ensure a proper fit for the gloves?

Measuring hands is crucial for choosing the right size of waterproof working gloves. Amsafe offers a comprehensive size guide to ensure proper fit. Materials used, such as latex and polyester, also impact fit and comfort.

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