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rigger gloves

Rigger Gloves Manufacturer

Amsafe offers the best rigger gloves selections with superior designs.

We have wide expertise in the whole gloves production to ensure each quality. We also provide custom rigger gloves with the best pricing.

  • Trusted factory for more than 15 years
  • Supported with 20+ years of experienced designers
  • Offer affordable yet quality rigger gloves
  • Within 30 days expected delivery period

Amsafe Rigger Gloves

Rigger gloves are work gloves originally made for oil rig workers. The gloves are strengthened with leather palm and a fabric backing. Just like regular work gloves, the rigger gloves are easy to remove in the event of emergency.

The rigger gloves are one of the popular PPE used for cable pulling and rigging. These gloves are intended to keep the wearers’ hands safe from abrasions. Moreover, they provide a high level of breathability and comfort. The gloves are heat-resistant and cut-resistant as well.

Amsafe is the exact place where you can find the right pair of rigger gloves. Together with our experienced engineers, we are able to design and develop rigger gloves according to your requirements. All gloves we offer are made-to-last and superior in quality.

For your next project or business needs that require rigger gloves, choose Amsafe! Please send us your inquiries.

1.rigger cardening gloves

Rigger gardening gloves have a hardwearing design ideal for gardening, digging, and lifting. At the same time, they have a soft texture that makes them practical for heavy-duty gardening tasks.

2.thermal rigger gloves

Thermal rigger content is gloves feature a heat resistant lining. The lining helps the wearer be protected from a high-temperature working environment. Also, they come in custom size to fit various hands.

3.lndustrial rigger gloves

Industrial rigger gloves are PPE gloves often used for industrial applications. These gloves are also an ideal protective solution for general material handling. They are cost-competitive and reliable gloves.

4.classic chrome rigger gloves

Classic chrome rigger gloves have a premium design and offer superior protection. These are unique gloves perfect use for landscaping, construction, forestry, and agriculture. They are known for their extreme durability.

5.kids rigger gloves

The kids rigger gloves are made with accurate kids sizing. They are commonly made of premium leather and heavy-duty compound material. They are very durable, long-lasting, and reliable gloves.

6.ladies rigger gloves

The ladies rigger gloves provide spectacular versatility and feminine designs. These gloves are commonly made out of thick leather to help protect hands from thermal conditions, cuts, punctures, and more.

7.jmechanics rigger gloves.pg

The mechanics rigger gloves are manufactured using synthetic leather. They are reinforced gloves, commonly with a backing of fabric, leather strap, and leather palm.

The leather rigger gloves highly provide excellent grip. They offer excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions. Another plus, these gloves are completely thorn-resistant, saving the hands from sharp objects.

9.heavy duty rigger gloves

Heavy duty rigger gloves are gloves practical for various heavy duty applications, like constructions. They are comfortable to wear especially when the task involves cables. These gloves give the best level of protection.


Breathability is an essential feature of rigger gloves’ comfort. There are added traits that improve breathable experience and ventilation. That makes it more likely to be worn and used. This comfort extends to harsh temperatures. Thus, with added proper insulation, it improves both safety and productivity.

Amsafe rigger gloves are beneficial in a variety of tasks and situations.

Megliu Grip è Fit

Megliu Grip è Fit

The rigger gloves feature fit and secure grip, where all industries require. Whether used in construction, manufacturing, industrial, or carpentry environments, this is your best choice. Amsafe rigger gloves series are ideal for light to moderate protection tasks.

With better grip rigger gloves, lifting heavy objects, handling metals and other hardware is easy and sure. Grasp different tools and transfer them to other areas. Amsafe makes sure every glove is in good shape. There are plenty of styles to choose from.

Riggers Gloves: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are looking for high performance rigger gloves, then you have come to the right place.

This guide explores everything you need to know about rigger gloves.

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What are riggers gloves used for?

Riggers gloves are heavy-duty work gloves designed for tasks involving rigging, lifting, and heavy construction work. They provide protection against abrasions, cuts, and impact while maintaining dexterity and grip.

What are the best rigger gloves?

The best rigger gloves vary based on individual preferences and the specific tasks involved. Look for gloves with features such as reinforced palms, impact protection, and durability.

Why are they called rigger gloves?

Rigger gloves are called so because they were initially designed for rigging and heavy lifting tasks. They have since become a versatile type of work glove used in various industries.

Are rigger gloves cut proof?

Rigger gloves are not necessarily cut-proof, but they often offer a high level of cut resistance due to their heavy-duty construction and durable materials.

Are rigger gloves good for gardening?

Rigger gloves can be used for gardening, particularly for tasks that require protection against thorns, sharp branches, and rough materials. However, specialized gardening gloves may offer better comfort and flexibility.

Chì guanti consiglia OSHA?

OSHA recommends using gloves that are appropriate for the specific hazards of the workplace. Gloves should be chosen based on the type of tasks, potential risks, and level of protection required.

What gloves are OSHA approved?

OSHA doesn’t approve specific glove brands or models. Employers should select gloves that meet OSHA’s safety standards and adequately protect workers from hazards.

Can you wash riggers gloves?

Riggers gloves made from leather or synthetic materials can often be washed. However, always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper care instructions to maintain the gloves’ integrity.

What are rigger gloves made of?

Rigger gloves are typically made from a combination of materials, including leather, synthetic fabrics, and reinforced padding. The specific materials used depend on the brand and intended use.

What do riggers wear?

Riggers typically wear heavy-duty work attire, including rigger gloves, protective eyewear, hard hats, and other personal protective equipment, depending on the tasks involved in rigging and construction work.

How does Amsafe ensure the ethical production of their rigger gloves?

To ensure ethical production, Amsafe implements fair labor practices and maintains supply chain transparency. They conduct regular audits, collaborate with suppliers to improve working conditions, and prioritize workers’ rights.

Can Amsafe rigger gloves be customized with company logos or branding?

Customization options for Amsafe rigger gloves include the possibility of adding company logos or branding. This feature allows companies to promote their brand while also benefiting from the superior designs, quality, and durability of these gloves.

Are there any special care instructions for maintaining the quality of Amsafe rigger gloves?

To maintain the quality and durability of Amsafe rigger gloves, it is recommended to wash them by hand with mild soap and air dry them. Avoid exposing them to direct heat or sunlight, and do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Proper care and storage can prolong the lifespan of the gloves.

Does Amsafe offer any warranty or return policies for their rigger gloves?

Amsafe offers a warranty and return policy for their rigger gloves to ensure customer satisfaction and product quality. The details of the policies are not specified; however, the company is dedicated to providing superior designs and quality, including custom options.

Can Amsafe provide certifications for their rigger gloves, such as CE or ANSI standards?

Certification standards such as CE or ANSI are crucial for quality assurance in rigger gloves. Amsafe can provide certifications, ensuring their gloves meet safety standards. This demonstrates their dedication to producing high-quality gloves.

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