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Mechanics Gloves Manufacturer

Amsafe is a trusted mechanics gloves manufacturer in China. We have wide expertise in customizing the gloves based on your requirements.

We are certified experts that ensure high-quality mechanics gloves.

  • With more than 15 years of wide experience
  • Supply mechanics gloves that meet your standards
  • Fornisce un rapportu di QC in ogni prucessu
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Amsafe Mechanics Gloves

Mechanics gloves are for mechanics who works in unsafe jobs. The gloves are very important for protection against hazards and more technicalities engaged in the work. Hands must be protected when dealing with corrosive liquid, power tools, electric shocks, and chemicals. Another advantage is that they can make the job much easier.

Our high-end mechanic gloves feature a reinforced thumb crotch, special loop and hook wrist closure, leather fingers and palm, and oxygenated finger walls to ensure an accurate fit. Their slip-resistant palm guarantees increased wear and additional grip.

At Amsafe, we guarantee you can get safety and protection gloves at affordable prices. Our series of mechanics gloves passed complete certifications for worry-free quality.

Anytime you need assistance in choosing a perfect pair of gloves, get in touch with us! We have a customer service team to ensure a quick response.

Fingerless Mechanics Gloves

Fingerless mechanics gloves are used to keep hands protected and enable the sense of touch at the same time. Most times, they provide open fingers on the middle, index, and thumb fingers.

2.fleece lined mechanics gloves

Fleece lined mechanics gloves are breathable, soft, comfortable, and warm. These gloves are an excellent choice for working during the winter season. Plus, they provide exceptional protection while letting the fingers freely move.

3.full finger mechanics gloves

Full finger mechanics gloves are full-fingered gloves that feature padded fingers and palms. They are originally made ideal for machinery repairs, such as car maintenance and construction. Also, they offer excellent snug fitting. 

4.heavy-duty mechanics gloves

Heavy-duty mechanics gloves are gloves used to protect workers’ hands from hazardous materials, including pathogens, chemicals, and more. They are made with maximum flexibility, abrasion-resistant, and cut-resistant.

5.leather mechanics gloves

Leather mechanics gloves are made for welders, woodworkers, construction workers, metal workers, and more. The leather used offers high breathability and dexterity making the gloves multipurpose.

6.mechanics gloves for auto repair

Mechanics gloves for auto repair are made of high-quality goatskin leather. The material used makes the gloves soft to touch and lightweight. These gloves are also popular for protections against scratches, cuts, abrasions, etc.

7.men'mechanics gloves

Men’s mechanics gloves are gloves made with men’s measurements. They are widely used when dealing with car repair/maintenance and construction. The gloves are machine washable, durable, and offer an exact fit.

8.premium quality mechanics gloves

Premium quality mechanics gloves have the quality to resist scrapes, impacts, punctures, and tears. The gloves offer excellent chemical barrier, gripping ability, and lower hand fatigue.

9.cut guanti di meccanica resistente

Cut resistant mechanics gloves are gloves with a high level of hand protection against cuts, knife injuries, sharp objects, lacerations, cutting accidents, and more. They are extremely cut-resistant when used for mechanics use.


Mechanics gloves are made from 100% quality raw materials that meet international standards. The front silicon printing feature increases grip. It’s ideal for both the winter and summer seasons. Any tasks or projects requiring more significant hand and finger safety should consider Amsafe mechanics gloves.

  • Automobili
  • Vehicle Mechanics
  • Racing
  • Agricoltura

The mechanics’ gloves are built to resist the most demanding jobs, including those fields. In contrast, providing excellent fit, function, and feel.

Breathable Structure

Breathable Structure

Amsafe designed mechanics gloves to give not only protection but also comfort and breathability. It helps ventilate hands and keep them calm throughout, including the palm. Enable air to pass through the entire glove. Besides being lightweight and breathable, they are abrasion and cut-resistant too.

Most gloves come with fingertip reinforcements for further strength. Amsafe mechanics gloves’ breathability and ultimate wearer comfort boost performance and keep hands cool and dry.

Mechanics Gloves: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you are looking for about mechanics gloves.

Sè vo vulete amparà u tipu di materiale, u livellu di prutezzione, o i tipi di revestimentu - tutte l'infurmazioni chì cercate sò quì.

Continuate à leghje.

1.  What Are Mechanics Gloves?

They are gloves with materials thick enough and they are durable for the protection of the user’s hands.

The gloves come in different materials, some have the capacity of both water and oil resistance.

Mostly in use by engine technocrats.

Guanti di meccanicu

2.  What Are The Features Of Best Mechanic Gloves.

The flexibility nature of the gloves.

High Quality Gripping Power.

Mechanic’s gloves should offer ease in movement through the support of a powerful grip.

This prevents occurrence of slipping or sliding of the hand while operating a machine.

The Synthetic Leather Material For The Palm.

Mechanical gloves come in different materials. Such as leather, nylon and goatskin.

Leather material is strong, durable and satisfies the purpose of the work.

Preferably the inside of the gloves should have a polyester lining.

The Synthetic leather On The palm Is A key Feature

This is because of its warmth and the soft nature to touch.

The Nature Of Padding.

Choose on gloves with extra form of padding at the thumb and index finger area.

Purposefully to protect the fingers thatare mostly in use from injury.

Work With Gloves That Have The Cuffs Fully Closed.

The wrist area should be well enclosed to prevent injuries.

High –dexterity Gloves.

The ability of the gloves to allow adequate and full control of the tools in use.

Consider Washable Gloves.

Find gloves that you can wash after use so as to clear away the chemical deposits that remain on the gloves.

There should be providence of proper instructions on how to wash.

Strong And Ability To Resist Tearing.

Consider gloves with material strong enough to last long without tear.

Choose Comfortable Gloves.

The gloves should offer adequate comfort when in use.

Consider gloves with breathability nature to provide the comfort.

3.  What Is the Best Material for Mechanics Gloves

Leather And Synthetic Leather Mechanic Gloves

Leather is a very durable material and has a proper flexibility nature.

Leather is an end result of tanning or chemically treating the skin of animals such as goat and cattle.

The material is not easy to scratch because of its strength.

Leather Mechanic Gloves

The gloves have additional layers of rubber, nylon and plastic that offer protection to the hand when working.

The gloves offer extreme resistance to abrasion, cuts and burns on the hands by offering maximum protection

Gloves with leather material are soft to touch.

Leather gloves provide high level of sturdiness and they are comfortable when in use.

4.  What Level Of Protection Do Mechanics Gloves Offer?

These gloves provide varying degrees of protection including:

·         Protection From Chemical Risks.

A manufacturer should put the following points into consideration: –

The gloves should be clearly put into categories namely, type A,B and type C.

Ensure expansion of test chemicals on the gloves from 12 to 18.

Depending on the type of the glove, ensure there is proper labelling on the glove.

Mechanical Gloves For Use On Chemicals

·         Protection Against Thermal Risks.

Quality gloves should offer efficient protection against contact heat, splashes of molten heat and radiant heat.

The gloves should posses the following feature:-

Offer proper resistance to high temperatures.

Enable low heat transmission

Posses low flammability nature.

·         Protection From Cold.

The mechanic gloves should have properties with ability to protect the wearer from both the penetrating cold and contact cold.

·         Protection Against Mechanical Risks.

To ensure conformity to this quality standard, the following test methods are of importance:-

Blade cut resistance test ,tear resistance test, puncture  and resistance to abrasion test.

5.  Do Mechanics Gloves Have Special Coating?


Latex Coating.

Latex consists of a composition of fifty percent natural rubber and fifty percent water.

It forms by processing the backs of the rubber tree and passing through chemical treating with low heat.

Perfect in resisting alcohols and ketones.

Latex coated gloves

Enable the gloves to have strong grip.

Make the gloves soft and comfortable to wear.


Reacts when in exposure to any organic solvents and hydrocarbons.

Polyurethane Coating.

It is in plastic form.

This is the most long lasting type of coating.

Provides strong gripping without the sticking effect.

Offer cushioning to the hands.

Polyurethane coated gloves


Has poor resistance to heat.

Poor resistance to water.

Nitrile coating.

This is a chemical compound that results from reprocessing latex rubber that comes from rubber trees.

The coat is resistant to water and oil.

Offers high level dexterity.

Gloves with nitrile coating are very flexible to use.

Provides strong grip on the gloves.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) coating.

It is 100% synthetic in nature.

Offers good flexibility.

PVC coating does not cause any allergies to the hands.

Resistant to abrasions.

Conducive for use in winter seasons.


Easily prone to cuts and punctures.

Guanti rivestiti di PVC

Guanti rivestiti di PVC

Foam Nitrile coating.

Provides perfect grip when working in purely oily and wet conditions.

The coating provides slipping of the hands in oily zones, hence offer comfort.

6.  What Are The Benefits Of Mechanics Gloves?

Some of the benefits of mechanics guanti sò:

They Are Resistant To Chemicals.

Thus, preventing the hand from the hazardous effects of the chemical solutions in the service centres.

Gloves Offer Thermal Insulation.

By protecting the hands from burns resulting from hot metals.

The Strength Of The Grip.

The hands need power assistance when handling machines.

Mechanical gloves offer perfect gripping power to reinforce holding of the machines.

Acts As Barrier Of Contact.

They provide a barrier of contact between the hands and the objects in use.

Hence, preventing the formation of calluses on our hands.

Mechanical Gloves Act As Barriers Of Contact

Reusable Mechanical Gloves Are Cost Effective.

They are washable, hence get in use over a long period of time before disposing.

When working, they take part in reducing hand fatigue by offering support.

Mechanic Gloves Offer Adequate Comfort When In Use At The Service Centres.

Due to their flexibility and breathability features.

Protect the hand from getting in constant contact with dirt, when handling machines.

Offer Reduction In The Hands Fatigue.

This is by adding the grip power when handling tools and prevents unnecessary sliding of the hands from the machine.

Reusable Mechanic Gloves Are Tear Resistant.

Thus, protecting the hands from cuts and abrasions during work.

They Are Breathable.

Allowing the fingers proper air penetration when working on the machines.

7.  Which Are The Available Sizes Of Mechanics Gloves?

The available sizes for men are as follows;-

Small starts from 7.5 to 8.5 inches.

Medium ranges 8.5 to 9.5 inches.

Medium Sized Mechanic Gloves For Men

Large is from 9.5 to 10.5 inches.

Extra large is from 10.5 to 11.5 inches.

Extra small stands for 7.5 inches and any other smaller available gloves.

Available sizes for women are as follows;-

A Small Sized Mechanical Glove For Women

Small Sized Mechanical Gloves For Women

Extra small is from size 6.5 inches and smaller.

Small represents: 6.5 to 7 inches.

Medium is from 7 to 7.5 inches.

Large is from 7.5 to 8 inches.

Extra large starts from 8 inches, and any other larger sizes available.

8.  How Do Reusable And Disposable Mechanics Gloves Compare?

Guanti riutilizzabili Guanti dispunibuli
They have washable capacity.

The layer of the material is thick.

Appropriate for both heavy and light maintenance jobs

Tough and resistant to cuts and corrosive chemicals.

High level of durability.

Provide warmth and insulation during winter.

Takes some time for the hands to be flexible.

Highly tear resistant.

Reusable gloves are cost effective.


They are heavy in weight.


Are not washable.

Material layer is thin.

Only appropriate for light maintenance services.


Light in texture and vulnerable to burns and cuts.


Low durability level.

Low level of insulation.

More flexible while using.

Can tear when handling harsh tasks.

Disposable gloves are not cost effective, due to their nature of buying every time.

Most are medium to  light in weight

Guanti di Nitrile Disposable

They both offer protection to the hands during work.

Both are available in various sizes and colours.

9.  How Should Mechanics Gloves Fit?

The gloves should fit the fingers well without leaving extra material at the tip.

They should not have a loose fitting, because it hinders flexibility.

10.  Are Mechanic Gloves Unisex?


They come in different various types.

The unisex, female and male types.

11.  How Should You Clean and Maintain Mechanics Gloves

Read instructions on the tag of the gloves on how to clean them.

Ensure there is proper lighting in the room.

Prepare enough water, preferably running water and mild detergents.

While still fitting the gloves, apply generous amount of detergent to cover all the parts.

Wash the gloves containing oil stains in hot water to remove them.

Rinse the gloves with a lot of water to clear any remaining deposits.

Use cold water to wash the synthetic mechanic gloves.

When washing avoid bleaching agents to prevent discoloration.

After washing air dry the gloves so as to maintain their proper sizing.

Safely store the gloves in a safe place away from dirt.

Ensure the storage places are at room temperature.

12.  Which Features Enhance Grip In Mechanics Gloves?

Polyvinyl Chloride Coating.

This is a type of coating that is synthetic in nature.

Provides adequate quality on grip control.

Nitrile Component.

Nitrile is a chemical compound that is a form of latex from rubber trees.

Provides tough grip to the gloves.

Patterns On The Gloves.

Gloves with dot patterns that are hard and raise above the material, tend to add grip.

Texture Of The Mechanic Gloves.

Rough grooves and tough stitching on the material of the gloves add high quality grip.

Synthetic Leather Material.

Offers superior grip to the hands when in use during both wet, oily and dry conditions.

13.  Are There Mechanics Gloves With Anti-vibration Features?


Their basic work is to offer protection to those wearing, from continuous mechanicaltremors developing during working.

The continuously reduce hands exhaustion.

They haveunderlying inner pads to provide cushion to the hands.

Synthetic leather is the preferable material for anti-vibration mechanics gloves.

The gloves have powerful grip.

Contenenu Velcro straps that offer snug fittings.

Mechanic Glove WIth Anti Vibration Feature

Mechanic Glove With Anti Vibrating Feature

14.  Are Mechanics Gloves Cut Resistant?


Mechanic gloves with cut resistance have great dexterity.

This is because they have the aspect where multiple pieces of leather are fit to one form.

They exist in different forms namely;-

Light- Duty cut- Resistant mechanic gloves.

Medium -Duty cut –Resistant mechanic gloves.

Cut Resistant Mechanical Glove

Heavy -Duty cut- Resistant mechanic gloves.

Extreme- Duty cut- Resistant mechanic gloves.

15.  How Do You Test Quality Of Mechanics Gloves?

Checking On Tensile Strength

To check on the level of stress and tension the gloves can retain at any given point.

Testing On Available Leaks On The Gloves.

Examine through filling water in the gloves and visual examine any leaks available.

Squeezing and testing to check on the tear resistance level.

Inspection On The Phytosanitary Level.

To ensure the gloves comply to the safety measurements and are safe for use by human beings.

Powder Level Testing.

Purposefully to test the level of residual powder in gloves by weight.

Confirming On The Physical Dimensions Of The Gloves.

This is to measure thickness and the length of the gloves in millimetres from the tips to the cuff.

16.  Where Can You Use Mechanics Gloves?

Applicable in construction sites, when carrying the materials for use.

During roads construction and maintenance, by the road flaggers.

When handling car parts.

During repair and maintenance of lab machineries.

Fixing of steam turbines in industries.

Mechanic non- conductive gloves are applicable when repairing electrical works.

Repairing bicycles.

During repair and fixing of plumbing objects on site.

A Construction Worker Carries Metal With Hands Covered In Gloves

17.  What Are The New Technology In Mechanics Gloves Industry?

Sensitivity To Touch Screen Mechanics Gloves.

Industries are employing mechanisms by which the material of the gloves can allow current transfer between the device and the body.

Allowing the wearer of gloves to operate gadgets such as phones with mechanics gloves on.

Application Of Green And Recyclable Materials.

Environmental sustainability enhancement, through use of natural resources, such as sun and wind energy in the production of gloves.

This is to improve production of gloves by curbing environmental pollution.

For all your mechanics gloves, contact us now.

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