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Caduta Manufacturing

  • Let’s discover the behind-the-scenes of AMSAFE PPE’s meticulous manufacturing process, where we craft specialized safety gloves like our signature dipping coated gloves, mechanic gloves, and more.
  • This manufacturing page offers an in-depth look into our commitment to quality, showcasing the intricate steps we take to ensure each glove meets the highest safety standards.
  • With AMSAFE PPE, you’re choosing more than just gloves – a brand dedicated to delivering expertly manufactured, reliable hand protection.

Yarn Wrapped For Work Gloves Liner

Liner Knitting For Work Gloves

Dipped Coating Lines For Work Gloves

Dots & Thumbfork Reinforced For Work Gloves

Sewing & Stitching Workshop of Machanic Gloves

Hand Mold Toolings

Auxiliary Material Cooperation Workshop

Normal Daily Mass Production

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