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Cut Heat Resistant Gloves Manufacturer

Amsafe possesses the expertise and capability to manufacture a diverse range of high-quality cut heat resistant gloves tailored to meet your business requirements.

We are committed to helping your business stand out by introducing new styles each year, ensuring you remain at the forefront of innovation.

  • A trusted manufacturer with a track record of reliability spanning over 15 years.
  • Offering both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and OBM (Own Brand Manufacturing) services.
  • Our factory holds certifications from ISO, BSCI, and SATAX, attesting to our commitment to quality.

Amsafe Cut Heat Resistant Gloves

Amsafe’s Cut and Heat Resistant Gloves are meticulously designed to provide unmatched protection against heat and sharp objects, making them the ultimate choice for challenging work environments. Whether you’re working in a foundry, metalwork, or any high-temperature setting, these gloves offer unbeatable resistance to both heat and cutting hazards.

Experience superior control, precision, and comfort with Amsafe’s gloves. Their ergonomic design ensures you can work confidently, even in the most challenging conditions, making them an indispensable choice for demanding tasks.

Benefit from Amsafe’s 15 years of industry expertise and our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards. Our Cut and Heat Resistant Gloves are the trusted choice for B2B clients worldwide. Join distributors, agents, and retailers who rely on Amsafe for top-tier hand safety solutions.

1.black cut heat resistant grill kitchen gloves

Black cut and heat-resistant grill kitchen gloves are your essential cooking companion. With superior heat and cut protection, they ensure safety and precision when grilling and cooking.

2.cut heat resistant gloves with non-slip silicone

Cut and heat-resistant gloves with non-slip silicone offer superior hand protection in high-temperature environments. Their silicone grip enhances safety and control for various tasks.

3.cut and heat resistant cut level4 work gloves

Cut and heat-resistant work gloves with a cut level of 4 provide outstanding hand protection in demanding environments. These gloves ensure safety and precision during tough tasks.

4.mechanical cut heat resistant safety gloves

Mechanical cut and heat-resistant safety gloves are the ideal choice for heavy-duty tasks. Offering superior protection against cuts and heat, they ensure safety and performance in demanding mechanical applications.

5.cow split leather heat and cut guanti di sicurità resistenti

Cow split leather heat and cut-resistant safety gloves are your go-to choice for demanding tasks. These gloves offer both heat and cut protection, making them ideal for various industrial applications.

6.knitted cotton heat and cut resistant gloves.JPG

Knitted cotton heat and cut-resistant gloves provide a comfortable yet protective solution for various tasks. These gloves offer excellent heat and cut resistance for versatile applications.

7.level5 protection cut heat resistant working gloves

Level 5 protection cut and heat-resistant working gloves are the ultimate choice for demanding jobs. With exceptional heat and cut resistance, they ensure top-notch safety and performance.

Aramid knitted liner with palm cow leather cut and heat-resistant gloves offer the perfect combination of durability and protection. Ideal for tasks requiring both cut and heat resistance.

9.blue heat and cut resistant mechanic gloves

Blue heat and cut-resistant mechanic gloves are the go-to choice for mechanical tasks. These gloves provide superior protection against heat and cuts, ensuring safety and precision.

Perchè sceglite i guanti resistenti al calore Amsafe Cut

Choosing Amsafe Cut Heat Resistant Gloves means choosing superior protection for your workforce from potential workplace hazards. Our gloves are not only designed to shield against cuts and heat but are also comfortable to wear, ensuring that safety does not compromise efficiency.

Our selection of heat and cut resistant work gloves are rigorously tested, boasting cut protection up to level 5 and level F and offering heat protection ranging from 100 to 1000 degrees. These gloves provide the ultimate safeguard against a wide range of risks, making them an indispensable asset in any industry.

Amsafe’s cut heat-resistant gloves are designed with user comfort in mind. They are available in a range of thicknesses and materials to ensure a perfect fit. These multipurpose gloves are suitable for various risk applications, making them a versatile addition to your safety gear.

No matter what industry you’re in, Amsafe has the right glove to meet your unique requirements. Our commitment to safety, quality, and comfort makes Amsafe’s cut heat resistant gloves the best choice for your protective gear needs.

Perchè sceglite i guanti resistenti al calore Amsafe Cut
Custom Cut Heat Resistant Gloves

Custom Cut Heat Resistant Gloves

At Amsafe, we understand the unique needs of every business. That’s why we offer OEM and OBM services that allow you to customize cut and heat resistant gloves perfectly suited to your specific applications.

Choose from a vast variety of options including palm coatings, glove shell materials, cuff lengths, fashioning systems, glove or arm protective features, wrist styles, and more to create the ideal safety gear for your team.

As a BSCI, ISO, and SATAX certified manufacturer, we adhere to strict quality control and inspection procedures, ensuring the superior quality of our products. Customize your gloves with your unique design and logo for enhanced brand visibility.

What’s more, we offer free samples and express shipping, including destination custom clearance, to facilitate a smooth buying experience. If you’re interested in our customized cut heat resistant gloves or have any questions, don’t hesitate to message us. Rely on Amsafe for safety gear that’s a perfect fit for your business.

What is a cut resistant glove?

A cut-resistant glove is a type of protective handwear designed to prevent cuts and injuries caused by sharp objects, tools, or blades. These gloves use materials with high cut resistance properties to enhance safety.

Do cut resistant gloves prevent cuts?

Yes, cut-resistant gloves are specifically designed to prevent cuts and lacerations. They offer a protective barrier against sharp edges, reducing the risk of injuries during various tasks.

What type of glove does not help with cuts and burns?

Gloves fabricated from lightweight textiles such as cotton generally do not furnish substantial safeguarding against cuts and burns. Their suitability lies more in the realm of uncomplicated tasks devoid of inherent perils.

Chì sò i guanti resistenti à i taglii di livellu 5?

Level 5 cut-resistant gloves refer to gloves that have been tested and certified to withstand a higher level of cut resistance according to standards like ANSI or EN. These gloves offer better protection against sharper blades.

Quantu sò i guanti resistenti à i taglii di Livellu 5?

Level 5 cut-resistant gloves offer a high degree of protection against cuts from sharp objects. They are suitable for tasks involving handling materials with substantial cutting hazards.

What is cut level 3 gloves?

Cut level 3 gloves are gloves that have been tested and certified to provide a moderate level of protection against cuts, withstanding a certain amount of force from sharp objects.

What is the difference between A5 and A7 cut resistant gloves?

A5 and A7 refer to different levels of cut resistance based on ANSI standards. A7 gloves offer higher cut protection than A5 gloves, making them suitable for tasks with more significant cutting hazards.

Why wear cut heat resistant gloves?

Wearing cut heat resistant gloves is essential to protect hands from injuries caused by sharp objects. They are crucial in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, and food processing.

How do I know if my gloves are cut heat resistant?

Check the glove’s label or packaging for information about its cut heat resistance level, usually indicated by standards like ANSI or EN. Manufacturers often provide this information to help users make informed choices.

Who uses cut resistant gloves?

Cut-resistant gloves are used by workers in industries such as construction, manufacturing, automotive, food processing, and woodworking, where the risk of cuts from sharp tools or materials is high.

I guanti di Kevlar pruteghjanu da i tagli?

Iè, i guanti di Kevlar sò cunnisciuti per e so eccellenti proprietà di resistenza à u cuteddu. Sò pensati per pruteggiri contra i taglii da l'uggetti affilati è i lame, facendu una scelta populari per diverse applicazioni.

What is the best cut heat resistant glove for cooking?

For cooking, gloves with a cut heat resistant level suitable for the specific tasks, such as cutting vegetables or handling knives, are recommended. Look for gloves with materials like Kevlar or stainless steel mesh.

What is the highest level of cut proof gloves?

The highest level of cut-proof gloves is typically Level A9 based on ANSI standards. These gloves offer the highest degree of protection against cuts from extremely sharp blades or objects.

Do cut resistant gloves have metal in them?

Yes, some cut-resistant gloves incorporate metal fibers or mesh to enhance their resistance against sharp edges. However, many modern options use advanced synthetic materials for cut resistance.

What is the lifespan of Amsafe Cut Heat Resistant Gloves?

The lifespan of Amsafe Cut Heat Resistant Gloves depends on the frequency and intensity of use, as well as proper maintenance and storage. Regular cleaning and inspection can extend their durability while balancing comfort, as Amsafe gloves are designed to provide both.

Can Amsafe Cut Heat Resistant Gloves be washed and reused?

Amsafe cut heat resistant gloves can be washed and reused, with proper maintenance tips. To maintain their effectiveness, it is recommended to wash them in cold water and hang dry. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners and inspect them regularly for signs of wear and tear.

How do Amsafe Cut Heat Resistant Gloves compare to other brands on the market?

The cutting edge technology used in Amsafe’s cut heat resistant gloves provides high levels of durability compared to other brands on the market. Anachronistically speaking, these gloves are the knight in shining armor for hand protection.

Are Amsafe Cut Heat Resistant Gloves suitable for use in extreme cold temperatures?

Amsafe Cut Heat Resistant Gloves do not provide insulation for extreme cold temperatures. However, they offer dexterity and sizing options suitable for hazardous jobs, with excellent heat resistance, cut resistance, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance.

Does Amsafe offer any warranties or guarantees for their cut and heat resistant gloves?

Amsafe provides warranty coverage for their cut and heat resistant gloves, ensuring customer satisfaction. Their gloves are ISO, BSCI, and SATAX verified, with strict quality control and inspection, making them a reliable choice for hazardous jobs.

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